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Travelling from KIX to Osaka? 2018/6/6 14:58
Hello We will be visiting Japan for 8 days. We'll be landing at Kansai and staying in Osaka. I wanted to ask what kind of travel pass makes more sense. The 7 day JR pass or the ICOCA-Haruka pass. We plan to travel from Kansai to Osaka and then do a couple of day trips around Osaka( To Nara, Kyoto, day trip to Mt Fuji and maybe Lake Kawaguchiko) As the pass is only valid for 7 days, I wanted ask what is the best way to travel and what combination of passes to buy, such that we cover the entire 8 days, all side trips included?
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Re: Travelling from KIX to Osaka? 2018/6/6 16:23
Kawaguchiko is 3.5 hours (plus transfer time) one way from Osaka, so up to 4 hours travel one way. I really dont recommend it as a day trip.

If you are just traveling around Osaka and Kyoto, then you only need a IC card.
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