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Kiso Valley best route 2018/6/8 04:36
I would like to consult this good forum knowledge about best way to visit Kiso
using public transportation for 2 days.

We arrive from Nagoya to either Tsumago or Magome for a night stay.
On the morning we would like to make the KISO trail to the other town.
Then we continue to Takayama.

My questions are:

1. Where is better to spend the afternoon and night? Tsumago or Magome?

2. Is there is better direction for walking the trail? Tsumago to Magome? or Magome to Tsumago?

3. Does the JR pass cover all the trips in that area?


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Re: Kiso Valley best route 2018/6/8 12:48
Hi! Someone else asked pretty much the same questions about a week ago.

I think Tsuamago is closer to the train station though I'm not sure whether it is the same bus that goes on to Magome. If I had a choice though I'd want to have my morning at Magome which is a really pretty (though small) town. It is said that the walk from Magome to Tsumago is easier, that is the way I did it so it starts very steep uphill then ends up a gentle long downhill stroll. I dont think it would be much harder the other way, if at all. The walk is nice but not amazing. I liked the waterfall area which is a worthwhile little detour which is well posted.

I mention that it isnt an amazing walk because I had high expectations and was a little disappointed. If I lower yours, I'm sure you'll have an awesome time.
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