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Kyoto order of attraction 2018/6/9 04:55
Can anyone help how to go about seeing these three in the one day. I can get to Fushimi Inari Taisha but from there is it easier to go back to Kyoto station and take the subway and then a bus to Kinkaku-ji and then I am totally confused. I would like to see Kiyomizu-dera and the Yaska Shrine which I believe are walking distance to each other.
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Re: Kyoto order of attraction 2018/6/9 13:32
In another thread I recommended Fushimi-Inari-Kinkakuji-Kiyomizudera route, since you can avoid crowds and food stalls in Fushimi Inari in the early morning. I think you should end your itinerary in Higashiyama district where Kiyomizudera is, since there is somewhat lively places at night, like Hanamikoji and Kawaramachi.

Arukumachikyoto will help you to find rough idea for transportation.

If you take Route 2, take Keihan train from Fushimiinari to Demachiyanagi and then transfer to Kyoto City bus 102, it will take about 1 hour. You can do Kinkakuji in about 1 hour. Then go to Kiyomizudera.

You can take route 2 and stop at Subway Higashiyama station to walk to Yasaka shrine and then walk to Kiyomizudera. There are many ways to do the four places you mentioned (Fushimi Inari, Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera and Yasaka Shrine), so use Arukumachikyoto and googlemaps to plan your trip. Of course you can do, other routing such as Fushimi Inari - Kiyomizudera - Yasaka shrine - Kinkakuji.

In any case avoid bus afternoon in the crowded places (Higashiyama district and center of Kyoto in this case).
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Re: Kyoto order of attractiondestinati 2018/6/9 21:17
Your destinations are the most popular spots in Kyoto so there should be crowds. If you have only one day in Kyoto, then it's doable, but honestly I don't think it will be a good plan. In these places you don't take off your shoes and don't sit down on the tatami floor. And you must do two long (one hour each) train/bus rides.

If I were you I would take subway to Keage in the morning, then walk along "the Incline" then to Nanzenji. After visiting some gardens in Nanzenji (Konchi-in, Tenju-an and Ho-jo), Go to Murin-an garden where you take off shoes and sit on the tatami floor. You can enjoy tea with small Japanese sweets. You can do the same also in Ho-jo in Nanzenji. These places usually take around 500 yen for entrance and additional 500 yen for tea. Around there are several less crowded temples such as Shin-nyo-do, Kurodani, Eikando, and Honen-in. In general these places are less crowded and you can feel old Japanese atomosphere rather than green-tea ice cream (I don't mean green tea ice cream is not good, but it is not traditional Japanese thing).
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Re: Kyoto order of attraction 2018/6/11 10:27
Thank you. Lovely idea.
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