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Can I dress in Harajuku? 2018/6/11 21:10
Hi! I'm going on a trip to Japan soon and one of the main stops for me will be Harajuku in Tokyo because I adore the cutesy harajuku style. I plan to spend a day there buying lots of clothes- however, I'm wondering if me wearing Harajuku will come off as disrespectful to the culture? Are Japanese people generally accepting of foreigners dressing in Harajuku or will it look bad? I absolutely love the Harajuku culture but I would never want to offend anyone especially since I'm a guest in their country!
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Re: Can I dress in Harajuku? 2018/6/12 09:49
You can dress however you like anywhere you like. (There are a handful of exceptions, but you probably know them already.)
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Re: Can I dress in Harajuku? 2018/6/12 10:21
This should be fine as Firas stated. You might be some people looking at you - but so do the locals who dress in cosplay. Potentially expect to be asked if it's ok to take a photo with you though. Take this as a compliment...
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Re: Can I dress in Harajuku? 2018/6/12 15:08
English is not my native language, and I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by "wearing Harajuku" and "the culture", but there are a lot of foreign tourists in Harajuku, and they are free to dress however they want (as long as they're dressed, because being naked on the streets is illegal), and especially in Harajuku, no one will think that a certain way to dress would be disrespectful. In fact, many of us locals would say, "There goes another one."
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Re: Can I dress in Harajuku? 2018/6/12 17:22
I don't think most Japanese people would consider Harajuku fashion intrinsically Japanese, so there shouldn't be any concerns about cultural appropriation. Even if they did, they WANT foreigners to partake in their culture. This is very similar to the question of whether wearing a kimono/yukata isi offensive. It isn't. Your interest is a compliment.
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