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Renting a stroller at Disneyland 2018/6/11 21:52
Hi hubby, out 15 month old and myself are staying in shinjuku for 3 days as a stop over on our way to Europe next month and have tickets to go to Disney land. We wonft be taking our stroller because we wonft need it in Europe (visiting family) so didnft see the point lugging it around for 3 days. I have asked our hotel if they rent them or know of anywhere that does with no luck, Ifm happy enough carrying out 13kg plus toddler in the carrier for walking and exploring the streets but donft really want to carry him for hours on end around Disney land. Ifve tried emailing Disney land but the response I got didnft make much sense. So does anyone know if you can hire a stroller from Disney land or does anyone have know of an English website I can rent/buy a cheap stroller from? Thanks
by Bec (guest)  

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