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Lucky WiFi? Unlimited Plan - 2018/6/12 22:06
Thank you so much for reading my message.
And I'm here again because of the internet.
It is my third trip to Japan, only this time my two boys will also go and as young people can not be without internet day and night !!!!
I never bothered about it, the two times I went I never needed it, but they do ask.
8 days ago I asked a question here in the forum ( Pocket WiFi Router) and I was very well informed by "Anaguma", only I'm looking at the Decomo website and I can not find it, I found this link https://www.luckywifi.net/ where in Plan Unlimitet is written DECOMO. and:
https://www.globaladvancedcomm.com/pocketwifi.html and:
if I understand correctly, they are resellers with different prices, right?
If so, which one would that be? or is not it? So how should I proceed? I have time until June 27 to complete this.
thank you very much and excuse my ignorance on the subject.

by pirataurbano  

Re: Lucky WiFi? Unlimited Plan - 2018/6/13 20:29
yes, they are different sellers offering all kind of mobile connection devices.
your decission which to take should be based on
* how much internet (limit) you need (e.g. 2GB/day)
* and how much you pay for it (e.g. 2GB/day for 1000 YEN)
* about insurance costs (in case you lose / destory it) (e.g. 40000 YEN in case of lost)
* coverage area (basically for most resellers about the same) (e.g. city vs rural areas)
* additional gimmicks (like additional charger,...)
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Re: Lucky WiFi? Unlimited Plan - 2018/6/14 00:02
I only use GlobalAdvancedComm and their second-best MiFi. It's unlimited and rates are per day. I've used them 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, twice 2017, and 2018. I've had not issues at all.
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Re: Lucky WiFi? Unlimited Plan - 2018/6/14 07:33
Hi, pirataurbano.

I'm a Japanese working in Tokyo for over a decade.

If I were you and only have those three options, I would take Global Advanced Communications because they have ran the business over 5 years and have much reliability accordingly.

As for your "If I understand correctly, they are resellers with different prices, right?," as Glimpigumpi said, your understanding is correct.

I will just give you more WiFi options to compare the different options.

Rental Pocket Wifi (Portable Wifi) Service in Japan

And about "Unlimited" issue, you may be interested in blog articles written about it. Although you will come across them by googling it, I just put one of those.

True Meaning of gUnlimitedh: Japan Prepaid SIM/Pocket WiFi Service Frequent Misunderstanding

Hope you will have a great experience in your Japan travel.
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Re: Lucky WiFi? Unlimited Plan - 2018/6/14 16:13
@ Glimpigumpi thank you very much for your clarification, I learned a lot.

@ John B I will trust your experience and I will make my reservation today at GlobalAdvancedComm

@ Gatigati I was very pleased with your message, I always read your information in the section "travel" they have also been useful to me a few times.

and for all a beautiful day and thank you very much, if you need anything from Germany, do not hesitate ...
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