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Yasaka Pagoda or Yasaka Shrine 2018/6/13 06:59
Still researching here, slow but sure :) I have found a few places to see in and around the Nishi Market, hopefully all within walking distance.But the Yasaka Pagoda looks far away.Advice please.

I am looking at Shinbashi-dori walk, Teramachi shops,Sannezaka, Ishibei-koji, Issey Miyake new store front (husband is an architect) and Blue bottle coffee cafe and Kyoto Tower on the way back to Osaka. This is for an afternoon.
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Re: Yasaka Pagoda or Yasaka Shrine 2018/6/13 12:35

Google map says it is 7.7 km and 1h 33 min walk. After Issay Miyake you might better take subway to Kyoto Tower. Further after the Blue Bottle Coffee, you can take subway from Keage to Kyoto-Shiyakusho-Mae to save walking time.

Hokanji (Yasaka Pagoda) is very close to Ishibei Koji and Sannennzaka. In this area there are much to see: Ken-ninji, Chion-in, Shoren-in, Murin-an, Suiro-kaku, Konchi-in, Nanzenji, etc.
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Re: Yasaka Pagoda or Yasaka Shrine 2018/6/13 12:42
It's probably best to get in shape and wear comfortable shoes to explore Kyoto (at least from Nishiki Market to Gion to Yasaka Shrine to the pagoda, and perhaps to Kiyomizudera temple) by foot. Yes, it is a lot of walk. Another option, which I have not tried, is to rent bicycle. You can take a bus here and there, but only for a few stops so I don't know if the bus is worth waiting for. The Blue Bottle coffee shop can be reached by subway, but some walk is required from the station.
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Re: Yasaka Pagoda or Yasaka Shrine 2018/6/13 20:26
Very grateful for the replies. 😊
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