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Kumamoto Prefecture visit ideas 2018/6/13 21:15
Hi All,

Due to my current boredom and lack of booking accommodation until closer to the date due to the 6 months before blackout date, I'm trying to plan my December 30th 2018 - January 12th 2019 trip focussing on Kumamoto. At present, I have the following

(1) Return Flight (from Fukuoka)
(2) Car Hire for the entire time

My main focus when visiting prefectures is to complete them in detail and not to visit them again. At present, only my first night is planned (Munakata) which involves visiting some shrines. The final night also needs to be reasonably close to Fukuoka due to a morning flight.

If bookings allow, I want to spend 3 nights around Aso/Kurokawa Onsen around NY due to most places being closed. This leaves Kumamoto City, Amasuka Islands and Minamata as potential places to visit.

Does anyone have any suggestions on places/towns to visit or any must sees which are not on the JG website??
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Re: Kumamoto Prefecture visit ideas 2018/6/14 13:01
Off the top of my head:

Kumagawa (Route 219) to Hitoyoshi.
Kumagawa kudari down the river from Hitoyoshi
Hinagu Onsen and Kodayaki kiln
Izumi tea growing area
Gokanosho and Itsuki
Momigi and Heike no Sato and tsuribashi
Sendantodoro no taki
Umenokitodoro suspension bridge and park and waterfalls
Tsunetake Moritaka sword smith in Yatsushiro
Mt. Sengan views behind Matsushima, Amakusa
Kukichi gorge and trails
Yamaga lantern museum and town (festival August 16 or so)
Tsujunkyo irrigation bridge in Yabe (Yamato-cho)
Stone bridges in Toyoson and Stone Bridge museum (inland from Miyahara - behind Hikawa Onsen with a stone bridge on the intersection corner)
Miyamoto Musashi Park and grave
Aso Milk Road
Takamoriyusui Tunnel Park (cool in summer- so much water came out of drilling the rail tunnel to Takachiho that they couldn't continue)
Tsukimawari Restaurant to the NE of Takamori - old style ryori cook-it-yourself (across from Dengaku no Sato)
Puppet theater at Seiwabunrakumura, next to a Mitinoeki in Yamato-cho ayW@a
Reitaibashi across the Midorigawa on Rt. 218
Back roads down to Naidaijin Bridge and the roads beyond which go past waterfalls and tons of terraced fields.
Unoko Waterfalls in the Naidaijin and Tsujunkyo area that's a gorge with a series of tall falls.
Maizuru Castle overlook, Tsunagi
Yamanami Highway

Take a look at:
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Re: Kumamoto Prefecture visit ideas 2018/6/15 15:42
Thanks for the extensive list. I'll look over it in detail in the next few weeks.
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Re: Kumamoto Prefecture visit ideas 2018/6/15 18:41
Wow great list above. Most of the stuff I would have suggested plus so much more. I'll add that I think Hitoyoshi is worth a trip. River cruises. Old castle ruins similar to Obi in Miyazaki that you have visited previously. An old full japanese non touristy local onsen. Catch a glimpse of the SL Hitoyoshi with you like that sort of thing. Ride the Isaburo-Shinpei train to Yoshimatsu and back, visiting the old wooden stations and mountain views.

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