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What is Grutt pass 2018/6/13 22:53
My Japanese Friend recommend me to buy Grutt pass=2200 Yen.Can I entered 38 museum, zoo in Tokyo unlimited time by this pass.
by John (guest)  

Re: What is Grutt pass 2018/6/14 15:05
I'd never heard of it but one quick web search later I have all the details, including the following

" The Grutt Pass is good for two months from the date of purchase and can be purchased at all of the participating institutions, Lawson convenience stores, JTB travel agency, Kinki Japan Tourist, and Ticket Pia"
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Re: What is Grutt pass 2018/6/14 16:50
Keep in mind that this pass is not sold year round. I wanted to get one when I went to Japan last February but it wasn't available yet.
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Re: What is Grutt pass 2018/6/14 17:12
I love the Grutt Pass, and I buy one maybe once a year or so. It's probably a better deal for people who live in Tokyo rather than people on a short visit, as you have two months to use it. (Note that it's two months from the date of first usage, not from the date of purchase.)

I find it especially good for visiting small museums that I might not visit otherwise. For example if I had paid 500 yen to spend ten minutes in the baseball museum I might have felt a little bit ripped off, but with the Grutt Pass I was happy to pop in there briefly when I passed through the neighborhood.

As noted above, it's not on sale year-round, although it can be used year-round. (You can't buy it between February 1 and March 31. On April 1 of every year a new Grutt Pass comes out, and there are usually additions and deletions for the list of participating museums and attractions.)
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Re: What is Grutt pass 2018/6/15 04:00
I also bought one on my last trip in April and got more than my money's worth out of it in just a few days - probably saved around 5000 yen in admission costs at various places around Tokyo for less than half that cost. It was great being able to check out places I probably wouldn't have even known about if it wasn't for the pass showing me all the places you can use it at.

One note - in your original question, it sounded like you were asking if you could use the passes unlimited times at each museum. No, you can't - each place will have one deal (or more) that can each be redeemed once, sometimes it's free admission, sometimes it's a discount off the admission price. But once you redeem a deal, you can't go back on another day and use the same deal again.
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Re: What is Grutt pass 2018/6/15 11:24
Pass name is not Grutt, "Gurutto" means just "move around".

See the pass web, not only for 38.
Transportation expenses are not included in this pass.
Facilities that can enter for free are limited, please confirm with the list.

This TV program(in Japanese, main sponsor is "Tokyo Metropolitan Government").
the content that relates to facilities of "French culture" and "Fuchu city history" with this pass.
On-aired for GW of May last month 2018, special exhibition may have changed.

This is 2014's pass travel report.

All the facilities are not two tickets (two colors),
but blue is an admission ticket, and light green is a discount ticket for a special exhibition.

And, this is two 1 day pass of Toei(700Y x2) plus ver., but 2870Y.
However, this transportation 1 day pass is limited as accessable range by their rail and bus lines,
so you have to see the each facility's access info before.
But you can not use only for "Ueno Zoo Monorail", other their all transportations are accepted.

Also other big rail company "Tokyu" sales similar 1 day pass set, 2920Y.
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Re: What is Grutt pass 2018/6/15 12:33
You can enter 92 Facilities including Art Museums=47,Museums=36, Zoos=3,Aquarium=1,Botanical gardens=5,This pass with 2 Day Tokyo metro marugoto kippu=2870 yen,otherwise 3600 yen
This pass with 2 Day Tokyu railway=2920 yen,otherwise=3320 yen
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Re: What is Grutt pass 2018/6/16 16:56
Thanks All For your kindness to the newcomer of Japan. At the same time, Greetings From Muslim nation in the Eve of Eid ul Fitre,After keep ing Fasting one month from Dawn to Dusk.
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