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Kirishima: Kirishima onsen & Ebino Kogen 2018/6/14 04:00
Good evening ,こんばんは

I've read different posts about Kirishima but the subject of transportation in Kirishima was discussed a long time ago.

I would love visiting Kirishima, especially Kirishima onsen and Ebino Kogen, in October 2018.

Unfortunately they are different area restrictions due to the current volcanoes activity and the public transportations seem to be rare (I can't drive in Japan).

Nevertheless I am wondering if it could still worth it (to visit the area) ? Is it possible to go to Kirishima onsen, to Ebino Kogen and vice versa using public tranports (plus riding a bike if needed)?
Last year I went to Hokkaido nord-ouest where I could visit different places using rare trains, very rare buses and a bike..It was complicated, tiring but I don't regret it as the places where so beautifull..I'm studying japanese (so I can speak japanese).

Thank you for your advice / よろしくお願いします

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Re: Kirishima: Kirishima onsen & Ebino Kogen 2018/6/14 14:56
according to the webpages from most onsen, the rykokans seem still accessible.

i havnt been there myself yet, but i guess, if you are an onsen fan like me, the places are for sure worth visiting. at least those onsen are among the best percepted among japan (at least among onsen-otakus).

yes, transportation seems to be very hard. i tried to figure out a lot myself (cause i also dont drive by car if avoidable), there seem to be some shuttle-buses into this area, but not so many (the most convenient was even cancelled some months ago). i also doubt you will be happy with a bike, since the roads look quite steep in this area... but i am also happy to get input about public transportation into this area
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