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Yakushima to Miyako-jima 2018/6/14 18:24
What's the fastest way between Yakushima and Miyako-jima? Both seem to be reached from different gateways (Kagoshima for Yakushima and Okinawa Naha for Miyako-jima). Is there any fast way between both?
by Daniel (guest)  

Re: Yakushima to Miyako-jima 2018/6/15 12:46
No best way,
but from this MAR 2018, "Maru A ferry" up route from Naha(Okinawa) to Kagoshima goes to Yakushima
if two or more passengers booked 4 days in advance. (No opposite down route for Naha)
If not, won't be stopping, goes to Kagoshima directly from last port "Naze" in AmamiOshima.
(Use Google trasnlate, 2018年3月14日, 2018年2月1日 and 2017年12月12日 announcement are so.)
Ferry name "Ferry Naminoue(フェリー波之上)" is so.

So, Miyako-jima first plan may better.
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