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Accomodation in Ogi (Sadogashima) and bus 2018/6/15 21:36
Help ! I have just booked a ticket for Kodo concert on Sadogashima but it seems very difficult (impossible) to find accomodation in Ogi on the English speaking websites.

I've found an expensive hotel in Sawada but I am not even sure to be able to get there as concert fininsh around 9pm and there are few buses.

I don't drive and am on my own and would rather avoid the campsite.

Anyone knows about a hostel or cheaper hotel within walking distance (up to 60minn) from Ogi ?
Anyone knows about additionnal public buses available in the evening to go back to Sawada ?

Thank you very much for your help!
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Re: Accomodation in Ogi (Sadogashima) and bus 2018/6/16 11:25
I have answered questions of this type twice, which might be useful to your question.
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Re: Accomodation in Ogi (Sadogashima) and bus 2018/6/16 15:47
It depends on what you call "expensive." Most of the ryokan/minshuku have a standard rate in the summer with two meals. It was Y7000/person the last time I was there. You can book places at the ferry docks before boarding in Naoetsu or Niigata. They can also give you directions on how to get there.

There used to be a youth hostel just outside of Ogi, the Sakumaso, if it's still there. If you're going for the Earth Celebration, even campgrounds can be filled and you need to book way in advance.
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Re: Accomodation in Ogi (Sadogashima) and bus 2018/6/17 19:55
Thank you very much for advice. I only found a hotel for 9000y on the night after the concert but am a bit concerned about getting a bus between Ogi and Sawata in the evening. On japanican and ryokuten there are nothing closer to Ogi than Sawata available...
I will try to contact Sado office information indeed as I only arrive in Niigata on the 18th or maybe on 17th which is far too late to find anything.
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