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where/how to buy concert tickets 2018/6/18 16:25
This is going to sound weird but, usually where can you go to get concert tickets in japan, specifically Tokyo? I just wanted to confirm because this case it would be for a kpop band (though right now I donft know the date of it since it hasnft been released, I really just wanted to know where they usually sell it and for how much, an estimate price would do just to have an idea). Also, is there a high risk of scalpers? Me and a friend of mine are thinking of leaving her first visit to japan for when the date of the concert comes out and if we can get tickets, though I would like to know the process because Ifve heard about how official fanclubs have privilegs over normal buyers and how it is very competitive to get tickets. Any useful information would be great.
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Re: where/how to buy concert tickets 2018/6/18 22:20
The way to buy concert tickets depends on the concert, but for professional musicians, it is almost always announced on the musician's official website. Typically, tickets would first become available through on-line purchase.

Any unofficial way of buying (meaning procedures other than those listed on the musician's official website) has a high risk of scalping.

Information concerning concerts held in Japan is almost always shown in Japanese language. If you have trouble reading them, feel free to come back with more specific information, and someone may be able to assist you.
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