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Light Gun games in Osaka/Kobe area 2018/6/20 23:06
As per the title, can anyone recommend any games arcades with a good selection of light gun games in the Kobe or Osaka areas?

The game arcades / centres I've been too in previous years have been hit and miss on the light gun front. Also I've noticed a tendency in recent years of game cabinets decreasing and Pachinko or UFO & Photo cabinets increasing.

If there isn't anything light gun specific feel free to suggest games arcades with a decent selection of games.
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Re: Light Gun games in Osaka/Kobe area 2018/6/22 16:02
To answer my own question, there's not much in the Osaka Umeda area. The royal Game Centre didn't have any lightgun games as expected (all retro cabs). Namco had three - The Walking Dead (sit down mounted crossbow), another Zombie shooter (sit down uzi's) and a clay pigeon shooter with a shotgun (I'd rather do it for real).

Tatio only had one but it was awesome - Gunslinger Stratos 3. Dual pistols that you can wield independently or lock together (side or top) for different attack levels. Both pistols had an analogue thumb stick and the right had a jump button. There were about 10x units for linked play.

Round 1 Sannomiya (Kobe) has a few light gun cabimets, all 100Y. Two and a half floors, lots of game cabinets covering all the disciplines (no retro or multi cabs unfortunately).
- Time Crisis 5 with L & R pedals
- Silent Scope 3 (which has a cool wind blowing in your face thing, gun height is far too low and zoom adjust is akeward)
- A heap of Gunslinger Stratos 3
- Luigi's haunted mansion (not really worth mentioning)

Next stop Namba.
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Re: Light Gun games in Osaka/Kobe area 2018/6/25 08:22
Right now in Japan is a VR boom and digital card game boom.

For Osaka-

Look up Abeno Qs Mall in Tennoji, theres a good VR squad like shooter you might like.

Light gun cabs are actually the more rare of the bunch and its hard to recommend as you have listed games like Stratos already. Problem is Taito, Namco, and Sega centers are the big three that only feature the current stuff( to bring more customers)

Im more old school Time Crisis 1 and 2 era but if youre into older games theres a Golgo 13 silent scopish game in Shinsekai. That area specifically the street Tsuutenkaku is on has a few retro game centers (use to go often after work).

Good luck.
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Re: Light Gun games in Osaka/Kobe area 2018/6/29 06:36
Cheers, thanks for the advice.

I've noticed that there's certainly less variety of lightgun cabs compared to say around 7-10 years ago when I last went hunting for arcades. Back then across Sega, Namco & Tatio I could play Ghost Squad, Terminator, Police 911, a large 4 player army shooter and Time Crisis 3 or 4 + the usual Zombie shooters and typing of the dead which was an interesting novelty. I suppose light gun games are just not as popular anymore so the range of new cabs is quite small.
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