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Privacy laws here for divorced people? 2018/6/23 13:58
I ask because my wife and I have been talking about a future divorce, but she is worried about being questioned and shamed at her work.

She mentioned that because my last name is western, not Japanese that when we divorce her name tag that she is required to wear, will read her Japanese last name. Of course, her coworkers and regular customers are going to notice the name tag change and bother her about it.

I mentioned the idea of talking with her boss about keeping her same name tag even though she got divorced, but she isn't sure what he will say.

If she only needed to wear a name tag with her first name, then it wouldn't be an issue, but because it is her last name, that is what complicates things.

My wife mentioned that an old coworker of hers got married and divorced after only a year or so because her husband was abusive. The problem is her coworkers kept asking her why she divorced so easily and why didn't she try harder to make the marriage work. I guess they would bother her about it everyday, until she finally couldn't handle it anymore and quit. I want to make a point that my wife wasn't one of the coworkers that was bothering this woman that quit.

So my wife is now worried about this same situation happening to her. Are there ways around this besides quitting and keeping the same last name on her name tag?

Would she be able to tell her boss that she doesn't want her coworkers to be harassing and shaming her just because she got divorced or would the boss not even care?

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Re: Privacy laws here for divorced people? 2018/6/23 18:46
She made the wrong choice when she got married. Many of working women don't change surnames used at working place when marrying for the very reason she is worried about and the most of employers accept the choice.
Using her parents' surname and using someone's name who doesn't have anything to do with her anymore should be different. Her employer may not admit her using her ex-husband's name.

Anyway, divorce is not rare these days. (Divorce rate is up to 30%.) No one cares who got divorced.
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Re: Privacy laws here for divorced people? 2018/6/23 19:56
Judging by the way you have spoken about her in previous post. This isn't a surprize. But to be honest. You potentially are getting a divorce. Let her deal with the issue. You'll have your own new life.
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Re: divorce, surname and privacy 2018/6/24 05:22
Legally your wife, after her surname reverts to the (Japanese) surname before marriage due to a divorce, may use the (western) surname which she used at the time of the divorce, by notification within three months of the day of the divorce (#).

In that case, her surname after that notification legally is not your surname, but practically does look the same.

However, what still worries her is, I suppose, that some of her coworkers are highly likely to be excessively inquisitive and/or interfering also about her private affairs, especially when they happen to know her divorce.

One of her bosses might carelessly (or, intentionally in the worst scenario) let the cat out of the bag.

(#) On the condition that the notification of the divorce and the notification regarding her surname are accepted in succession together at once, her surname reverts only procedurally, and she, just after the divorce, begins to use the new surname.
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Re: Privacy laws here for divorced people? 2018/6/25 13:51
Since we are going to get divorced, that means she is going to need to keep a job of some sort because she won't be getting money from me forever.

What sucks is she is a slow worker and often has trouble at most jobs, but she mentioned that her boss at this company is really friendly and it is a really rare situation. I believe her to a degree, but I'm sure she could easily find other part time jobs at other companies that have friendly, tolerable bosses as well.

Looks like she will either need to talk with her current boss about her situation or find a new job and get hired at that new job using her last name not mine.
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