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30 kg parcel stucked in japan 2018/6/24 06:07
Hi everyone,

first english is not my mothertongue, so if their are errors, bear in mind that english is a second language for me.

My situation is particular, i got hundreds of books with a 50% discount from a retiring bookstore owner which children didn't want to continue. Of course i couldn't go back to germany with 30kg of books, because i didn't plan it and had no way to take it with me. I didn't want to send it by post either because the postman who is responsible for delivering mails and parcels on my street is irresponsible. There are many problems with him, e.g. if he's too tired he simply put the parcel on top of the mailbox and signs himself, sometimes he even throws it over the gates/fences or sometimes the parcel go missing. Of course the problem is only on our street, all the other he delivers correctly, but as my street is the last one, he don't mind just throwing parcel indistinctively over gates or fences. Anyway he's still deliverying the mail at the moment so i didn't and still don't want to use the postal services. So when i was in japan i engaged an international forwarding company that i won't name of course, which went bankrupt just after i went home. Of course they reimbursed me and took my parcel and stored them in a forwarding company with a warehouse,which they worked with, in Tokyo.
In the meantime i got back to germany and have now a parcel of 30kg stucked in japan. I have nobody in japan and can't get my parcel to move. I engaged another company, that time a japanese one, but the driver couldn't pick it up, because he was not me. I tried to negociate on the phone with the forwarding company but they didn't want to hear anything, they said it was company rules. So here i am now, with a parcel stucked in japan that i cannot pick up, nor have i someone to do it for me.

Now for the question:
Does anyone know a forwarding company which would allow me to design someone to pick up the parcel, which could permit the driver and the company that i engaged to do their work and pick up the parcel and forward it to me ? Once again, i cannot use the post services in my country, the japanese post services are one of the best in the world, but not on my street.
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Re: 30 kg parcel stucked in japan 2018/6/24 12:13
I think no one can help to collect the unknown person's parcel.
you say that "they reimbursed me". if it means that they paid you the whole value, the parcel does not belong to you. (you exchanged your parcel with money.)
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Re: 30 kg parcel stucked in japan 2018/6/24 12:50
Can you write out a power of attorney letter, officially authorizing the new forwarding company to pick up the parcel for you?

The forwarding company reimbursed the OP for the shipping services, not for the value of the parcel (as far as I understand).
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Re: 30 kg parcel stucked in japan 2018/6/25 12:14
Thank you both for your answers,

ken when i wrote reimbursed i was talking about the shipping cost.

AK, should the letter be in japanese? I'm desperately looking for a service or company that is not as rigid as the current one. One thing that's good is that i can ship the parcel all around japan, so if i find a good company they would allow me to ship it to them. Unfortunately i cannot ship the parcel to the shipping company directly, so i have to find another way.
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Re: 30 kg parcel stucked in japan 2018/6/25 22:21

I'd say it should be in Japanese, for the local companies to read and verify.

So when you say "the current one," that is the warehousing company that does not allow anyone else but you to pick it up?

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