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Odd late night vendor? 2018/6/28 08:09
I was looking through videos from my late Japan trip and noticed some odd video.

I took the wrong train from Okayama ending up in Omoto station. As the return train was maybe an hour away I went to the local Lawson. Passing a parked truck playing what sounded like 40's music.

I am not sure but looked like it was some kind of rolling store as people stopped for a short time and then continuing.

Felt quite odd like they were selling obscure stuff as it was past 20-21 in the evening.

Anyone know what this could have been?
by Grue (guest)  

Re: Odd late night vendor? 2018/6/28 14:30
Most likely a truck used as a store. In the Tokyo neighborhood I was living at night an old man with a handheld cart sounding a strange metal gfluteh came regularly around and was selling sweets, chips and the like.
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Re: Odd late night vendor? 2018/6/28 15:03
It felt kind of odd selling stuff at night, like it being illegal stuff or something as it was not done at daytime.

Something like that would never work here, it would get robbed and trashed by bad people, or the police would ask the vendor to leave if it had no permission...

I don't remember if the area was very residential but wouldn't people naturally complain on such loud noise at that hour?

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Re: Odd late night vendor? 2018/6/28 20:20
20-21 in the evening is an ideal time to sell things to people coming home from work or people who still can't go home and need to eat something at their offices.

More traditionally, wagon vendors come around midnight to sell takoyaki, ramen or oden. Since it was a truck with music in your case, it was probably something else, but it could be anything especially food. Nothing odd about it.
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Re: Odd late night vendor? 2018/6/29 10:49
20-21 o clock is 8-9 pm in the evening, that is not even very late. When I first read your post I though you were talking about 2am or something... Japanese work long hours and 8-9pm is normal for them to want snacks after work. Nothing strange about that.
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