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Shopping at Ryotsu Harbour area, Sado 2018/6/30 13:55
We will be visiting Sado island in end October.
Are there any good shops (preferably non-touristy ones) that sells local products in and around Ryotsu Harbour area ?
There will be at the ferry terminal but I guess the prices there will be higher than the local shops.
Any recommendations ?
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Re: Shopping at Ryotsu Harbour area, Sado 2018/7/1 01:47
What do you want to buy? Sake? There is a sake factory at the other end of the small island in Mano which is nice to visit. They let you taste a lot.

I donft have a memory of the harbor city to be big. I guess people donft go for shopping to Sado. But there will be some omiyage shops at the ferry terminal.

Enjoy your trip to Sado!
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Re: Shopping at Ryotsu Harbour area, Sado 2018/7/1 11:39
Thanks LikeBike.
Not so much so of sake, but my mum is keen on purchasing local dried seafood products that she can bring home (as an example).
Basically, edible stuff but not sake.

I found a Sado-ichi shop, but seems very far from my accommodation and we do not have a car.

Any other recommendations ?
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