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Is this phone/SIM combo compatible? 2018/7/5 05:31
Things always seem to go wrong during my trips to Japan, so this time I've decided to bite the bullet and invest in an unlocked smartphone and a data-only SIM so I can get in touch with my friends to let them know my train is late/I'm horribly lost/my JR Rail Pass has been eaten by the local drunk. The Nokia 1 was released this year so I'm hoping to use it for future trips as well (assuming I get back safely from this one...).

I'm based in the UK and I'm currently looking at a SIM-free unlocked Nokia 1 (Android 8) to use with a Bmobile 15 day/max 3GB usage SIM (for a total cost of £69 for the phone and £20 for the SIM). The Nokia 1 isn't included in the list of compatible devices so I'm a bit concerned that the phone's network speeds and frequencies may not be compatible with Japanese networks. I'm hoping someone here will be able to have a look and let me know either way!

Here's the link to the Nokia 1 specs on Nokia's UK website:


And here's the link to Bmobile's SIM specs page (which I accessed via japan-rail-pass.co.uk if anyone's wondering):


Just to head off any questions about why I haven't already got a smartphone, I only have an old mobile phone that I use for emergencies (which are far less frequent during everyday life in the UK compared to what happens to me in Japan...) on a Pay As You Go SIM so it's not worth my while getting a decent smartphone on an expensive contract.

Many thanks in advance!
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Re: Is this phone/SIM combo compatible? 2018/7/6 11:08
will work.

Regarding the operators in Japan is often really good quality
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Re: Is this phone/SIM combo compatible? 2018/7/6 15:34
your trips to japan sound like a lot of fun... you should share some of those stories (especially about drunks eating your staff) :-)
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Re: Is this phone/SIM combo compatible? 2018/7/6 17:27
Thanks justmyday. I've been travelling to Japan for almost 15 years now so I still remember when non-Japanese phones were totally incompatible with Japanese networks! Happily a lot has changed, but I don't mind admitting that I'm struggling to keep up with the technology.

Glimpigumpi - I doubt many people would believe some of the experiences I've had! The passage of time has helped me see the funny side of some of those things, but hopefully having a means of getting in touch with friends will help avoid any more bizarre experiences in the future. Although even I find that hard to believe now that I've written it down...
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Re: Is this phone/SIM combo compatible? 2018/7/6 17:44
now you made us even more curious :-)
what did happen to you? (of course japan trips are always a great source for weird stories, your seem to be especially interesting)
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