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Ogimachi during the Doburoku Matsuri? 2018/7/8 07:13
I'm planning to spend a couple of nights in Kanazawa and I've found out that my itinerary will have me in town during the Ogimachi portion of the Doburoku Matsuri. I'm now looking at making a daytrip to Shirakawago to see the festival; however the information I've come across concerning it seems vague so I'm wondering if anyone who has attended previously could clarify some things:

-I've seen a rough event timeline but it's not clear to me if the same events happen on both days of the matsuri or if there are significant differences between the events of day 1 and day 2.

-I've seen it mentioned that the town's tourist info center is closed during the matsuri, but are other sites like the open-air museum still open on the festival days or is the whole village essentially closed up? I'm trying to figure out how much time I should give myself for my trip since I imagine I'll have to reserve my bus tickets as soon as they're made available.
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Re: Ogimachi during the Doburoku Matsuri? 2018/7/8 22:34
You may send an email to the address below for inquiry:
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