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JR Tokyo Wide Pass to Odaiba 2018/7/9 23:46
I'm a tourist. Can I confirm the following about JR Tokyo Wide Pass?

1) Can I buy JR Tokyo Wide Pass directly in Shinagawa's Tokyo JR East Station? Do I need to show my passport?

2) Does JR Tokyo Wide Pass cover the Rinkai Line to Tokyo Teleport? I want to visit Odaiba.
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Re: JR Tokyo Wide Pass to Odaiba 2018/7/10 13:26
Tokyo Wide pass only covers JR trains. That is really only 2 subway lines in Tokyo. It won't cover your trip to Odaiba, but that's a cheap subway ticket. It would be about 320y or so. Best is to just pay out of pocket.

Where else are you planning to visit that the pass will cover? It is definitely not what you'd want for trekking around the Tokyo metro area. If you planned to go to Nikko or Fuji, it might be worth it. You could travel for a month on the subway for what that 3 day pass would cost.
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Re: JR Tokyo Wide Pass to Odaiba 2018/7/10 13:32
The above answer is incorrect.

The pass covers a few non JR lines. Rinkai is one of them. So you can access Obaiba.
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Re: JR Tokyo Wide Pass to Odaiba 2018/7/10 14:50
JR pass doesn't cover to Tokyo Teleport station, but Tokyo Wide Pass does. It is pretty clear on https://www.jreast.co.jp/e/tokyowidepass/ where it states
Get on and off trains as many times as you like, using designated or unreserved seats on the ordinary cars of Shinkansen, limited express, express, rapid and local trains in the usage area shown below.

JR East Lines
Tokyo Monorail
Izu Kyuko Line
Fujikyu Railway
Joshin Dentetsu Line
Saitama New Urban Transit Line (New Shuttle) – between Omiya and the Railway Museum
The entire Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Rinkai Line
The following limited express trains that directly run between the JR East lines and Tobu Railway lines: the Nikko, the SPACIA Nikko, the Kinugawa, and the SPACIA Kinugawa. Also, the local trains (including rapid trains) between Shimo-imaichi and Tobu-nikko/Kinugawa-onsen Stations.

And, yes, you need to show an overseas passport.
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Re: JR Tokyo Wide Pass to Odaiba 2018/7/10 23:08
But it's still a 10000y pass for a 320y ride.
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Re: JR Tokyo Wide Pass to Odaiba 2018/7/11 02:34
So where did the OP say the only place they wanted to go was Odaiba? Honestly, some people think it's their life's mission to save the hapless and the ignorant from buying a rail pass that costs 10 yen more than the cost of individual fares. It seems like nobody can get even a simple question about rail passes answered without being grilled to death about their itineraries. The two worst sins in the world appear to be buying a rail pass that doesn't "pay off" (never mind the many non-quantifiable benefits), and taking a suitcase on a train instead of using takuhaibin (which costs money and takes overnight and in many cases is simply not worth the time and trouble).
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Re: JR Tokyo Wide Pass to Odaiba 2018/7/11 09:27
Lol - Takkyubin - one of the more over-rated services for tourists in Japan. If you have enough stuff you need luggage forwarding, you have too much stuff.

But for the OP, and to chip in on this particular question again, the Tokyo Wide Pass has some benefits the National pass does not have and is quite good value, even just around Tokyo city. And, I learned recently (June) that the JRP didn't cover the Rinkai line as I made a trip to Odaiba where someone was using a JRP - something I had not bothered to check. Yes, there was a small fee adjustment, no real issue.
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Re: JR Tokyo Wide Pass to Odaiba 2018/7/11 21:08
This is getting OT, but y'alls are definitely not shoppers then. I always need to takyuubin cause I like to shop in Japan and get sick of carrying around all my bags. I travel as a single adult with a young kid, so she has plenty of stuff, but isn't so good at the helping to move it around part. We also both like to shop. We like to shop for things we can't buy in our home country like Japanese fashion dolls. *shrugs*

Last trip, 3 tourists were taking 3 77 cm tall hard sided bags on the shuttle between Mitaka Station and the Ghibli Museum. I don't begrudge them wanting to shop until they drop at the museum, but those suitcases would have been better off takyuubinned, as the bus is narrow and isn't meant for 77 cm bags.

Going back to passes, I admit, I like having one. I like the flexibility to just day trip where ever I want without having to make an exact itinerary. I had thought about getting a 1 week last trip and paying out of pocket while in Kansai, but having the pass came in super handy when all the locals and special rapids were barely running due to rain and the recent earthquake in Kansai. Instead of waiting 30-40 minutes for a packed train from Osaka to Kyoto, I could hop on an on-time Thunderbird and sit back and relax.
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