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Okayama travel 2018/7/10 08:49
We are planning to go Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, Fukiya Furusato village and also Kurashiki in mid September. The flood seems like affecting some of the area, is it better to go to north of Osaka instead? But we are really looking foreard for visiting Kurashiki Bikan area.
by Stella Teh  

Re: Okayama travel 2018/7/10 13:33
Too earlier to answer. The real recovery work only started today.
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Re: Okayama travel 2018/7/10 15:23
@Hakata14 is right, it's far too soon. My guess is that by September all the tourist areas will be working as normal and I am sure that the people/businesses will want your tourist money more than ever.
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Re: Okayama travel 2018/7/10 23:25
I'm sure that by September, the area will be appreciating visitors to compensate for the area's current loss. Have a flexible schedule ready and keep your fingers crossed.
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