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dentists in tokyo? 2018/7/12 15:59
I am staying here for undetermined time for now, and it has been some time already since Ifve been interested in going to the dentist to try to close a small diastema between my main front teeth and was wondering which places are best for someone, specially if possible with english speaking staff and in terms of costs and quality of the service as well in the tokyo area? also will I need some kind of exams before I make a visit to the dentist even if for a simple procedure? my idea was trying to pull the teeth together / close the gap only.

Any advice anyone can give me?
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Re: dentists in tokyo? 2018/7/15 08:16
Suggestion: Contact the dental clinic at Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Location: Yushima 1-5-45, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo). It's a very good clinic, and there should be English-speaking doctors on call.

If you live close enough, go there in person between noon and 4 pm Monday - Friday (but not tomorrow, which is a Monday holiday) to schedule an initial appointment. Otherwise, call 03-5803-4300.

Based on your description, I'd say you should ask about scheduling an appointment with someone in the ‹¸³Ž•‰ÈŠO—ˆ (Kyosei) Department, extension 5752 or 5753.

Once you have an appointment, first time visitors are typically seen between the hours of 8:30 - 10:30 am.


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