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Safe trip: Shikoku after typhoon 2018/7/13 00:28
I planned to visit Shikoku next week, especially Ehime perfecture like Matsuyama and outside. I read that this area is affected. Do you think it is safe to visit? Any problem in the transport (train) and visit the place? My heart is close Japanese people. Thank you in advance. Luigi
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Re: Safe trip: Shikoku after typhoon 2018/7/13 17:34
I myself am going to Shikoku next week and find it hard to find any information about the affected areas. I am going to Iya Valley and dont know if it is even affected. At the moment I am observing the train services here http://www.jr-shikoku.co.jp/info/ and here http://global.trafficinfo.westjr.co.jp/en/express

According to these pages, there is no train service from Honshu to Matsuyama at the moment, but every day a new section is opened so transportation so it is hard to say for how long it will be closed.
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Re: Safe trip: Shikoku after typhoon 2018/7/13 19:46
Train line to Matsuyama is current cut off. Up to one month to repair. Reading Japan Times articles today.
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Re: Safe trip: Shikoku after typhoon 2018/7/13 21:19
Further info from JG


Note that Shikoku is quite rural compared to the rest of Japan and there are not the same number of train lines or major roads compared to Honshu. Catching buses might be an option but note that there will be delays on the roads as these are also being fixed up. It should be safe to visit - just don't go walking off the main trails in the countryside where there are hills.
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Re: Safe trip: Shikoku after the downpour 2018/7/14 00:51
The last week torrential rainfall in western and central Japan
was caused mainly by the seasonal rain front
(rather than the typhoon Prapiroon).

Depending on where your starting point is located,
you can take a domestic flight to Matsuyama Airport [MYJ].

- ANA Experience JAPAN Fare
- JAL Japan Explorer Pass

Iyotetsu limousine buses and street cars are now available as usual.

Matsuyama Castle is scheduled
to be specially illuminated during the nighttime
from the evening of the 13th of July (yesterday)
until the middle of August.

The hot spring resort of Dogo Onsen seems not affected, either.

Any problem in the transport (train) and visit the place?

On the JR-Shikoku route Kojima -- Matsuyama,
you have to take a substitute bus
between Motoyama and Kanonji Stations (in Kagawa Prefecture),
where the operation is expected be suspended for at least one month.
Also, in the middle of the route, trains are planned to go less frequently.

Shimanami Kaido's cycling route Onomichi -- Imabari
seems still in some trouble.
A few SNS comments suggest
that you have to make a detour in Mukaishima due to a landslide
and that you should be careful of gravel remaining on the cycling road.

Currently no typhoon is approaching Japan,
but it is likely to be sweltering hot during the daytime next week
in Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.
For the prevention of heatstroke,
you had better carry some sports drink with you.

- Weather information from JMA

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