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Mobile sim plans 2018/7/17 07:02
Hi there
I am looking for a sim plan that has voice and data included. From doing a bit of research the plans from IIJMio look like good value. 3521\ for 12 gb. Does anyone know if they will accept an Australian MasterCard. My bank in Australia have been notified that I am moving to Tokyo, so it won't be knocked back at the Australian end.
Or does anyone have any other suggestions.
Mobal and Sakura will accept but there rates are high.
Just to compare we can get 15gb data, unlimited calls unlimited text unlimited Facebook ect for about the same price as IIJMio's plan above.
Thank you to anyone who reads and responds
by Jamie (guest)  

Re: Mobile sim plans 2018/7/17 13:15
Or can any good value plan be paid for at a convenience store?
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Re: Mobile sim plans 2018/7/31 20:45
In Japan, I think no service available unlimited call and text message except major carriers like docomo, softbank and KDDI.

If you are ok with only data SIM card,
LightPocket has 15GB/month plans (500MB/day)

The following Web site has summarized the plan of data SIM in Japan.
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