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takayama flooding? 2018/7/17 09:19

is takayama flooding?
any bus access from takayama to shirakawa-go to kanazawa?
do I need cancel takayama ad shirakawa accommodation?
can anyone in takayama let us know the situation.
otherwise too late to cancel and need pay cancel fee.

Please help!!
by go to swim  

Re: takayama flooding? 2018/7/17 12:37
I was just in Takayama July 14, 2018. Although quite hot, there was no flooding. The limited express train from Nagoya to Takayama and Toyama is "suspended", but all buses are running on schedule. Consider reserving your bus tickets online in advance to ensure a seat.
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Re: takayama flooding? 2018/7/17 15:12
can I reserve bus online from Nagoya to takayama?
when reserve do I need pay or can reserve seat and pay there? in case something happen.
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Re: takayama flooding? 2018/7/19 21:54
Regarding the bus reservation between Nagoya and Takayama, you may refer to the website below:
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