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Kyoto one day 2018/7/18 05:16
just like a turtle, slow.
As I only have the one day. Is this viable.
Fushimi Inari ; Kinkaku-ji temple; Kyoto Tower / station (can these been seen at the same time). Nishiki market, Yasaka Shrine, Shinbashi-dori walk, Ishibei-koji lane; Sannenzaka slope; Pontocho alley.
Is there a good order to do things in.
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Re: Kyoto one day 2018/7/18 13:39
I dont think so, and anyway I wouldnt recommend a few of the things on your list anyway. Pontocho for example takes a long time and I couldnt see any attraction to it at all, it is similar to many shopping streets in many Japanese towns, save that it is proferated with chinese made trinket stores. Kyoto tower as well doesnt really have anything you'd want to see that you wouldnt see at a department store, and any views would be of a pretty grimy looking city surrounded by very pretty mountains.

I think if you say what you really like doing and seeing, then some people might make sugestions about a good order. But when it comes to shopping, unless you want pottery there isnt much that you get in Kyoto that you wouldnt get anywhere else, so I wouldnt waste half of the day going into shops when there are so many other things there that you wouldnt see anywhere else.
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