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Running routes recommendations (Tokyo, Kyoto) 2018/7/20 00:25
I'm a beginner runner, currently training for marathon. I'll be visiting Japan some time later this year, and I'd like to plan some runs to fit my training schedule. I have some experience with regard to navigating the country (Tokyo surroundings, primarily though :), and I have minimal experience running in/around Tokyo. Right now, I'm looking for some lesser known routes, that would offer some nice views, or unusual places. To give you an idea what I'm looking for: so far I've ran on Odaiba, around Imperial Palace and in both Shinjuku and Ueno parks. Right now I'm after two kind of things:

* ~10-15km routes, with up to ~400m of a climb.
* 28-30km routes, as flat as possible.

I have a couple of ideas laid out already. I can probably come up with more semi-sensible ideas for routes within Tokyo or Kyoto - running along a river seems like a reasonable plan B. I'm way more curious about routes like this one, where you have a bit of a climb, potentially a view, and some nice-looking feature (Arashiyama bamboo forest). From what I've gathered, there's plenty of valleys around Tokyo, that are within 1h train ride, and offer good hiking/running opportunities, but it's bit hard to decide what's worthwhile. :D

Thanks for any recommendations!
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Re: Running routes recommendations (Tokyo, Kyoto) 2018/7/21 10:50

Note, Tamagawa has a very long uninterrupted running course (and cycling). On a clear day, Fuji is part of my scenery, otherwise the riverside and the hills on the edge of the Kanto Plain are fine for me.
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Re: Running routes recommendations (Tokyo, Kyoto) 2018/7/21 16:04
If you are on the west of the city then the Tamagawa is the obvious answer for a longer run. After saying that I did a google search for "running Tokyo" and lots of people seem to agree :) I assume you have already discovered Namban Rengo? https://namban.org/ At the very least their "running resources" page has some useful info. Or if you prefer beer http://samuraisports.org/clubsgroups/mikkellerrunningclubtokyo/

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