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Which uni should I go to? (Sophia or Waseda) 2018/7/22 21:54
Hi, I'm planning to go study in Japan for university next April (I'm going to take the GED so I can go to university early) and I'm in a bit of a dilemma right now since I don't know which university I should go to. I'm planning on study in the liberal arts field, specifically business and the top two choices for me right now are Sophia and Waseda. I'm aware that these universities are some of the best in the country but I want to know the pros and cons of both. Since I'm half-Japanese, I intend on staying in Japan after I finish my studies however I'm planning on applying to their English programs since my Japanese isn't all that great. My SAT score is 1390 but I'm taking it again if I don't make it in my first attempt. The other universities I'm looking at are Doshisha University, Nagoya University (I'm thinking of going to its Economics program), International Christian University, and Keio University's PEARL program. I'm not quite as interested in economics as I am in business but if I am not able to study business, economics is my second option. If you have studied at these places please let me know how your experience was and which university you think might be good.
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Re: Which uni should I go to? (Sophia or Waseda) 2018/7/23 16:09
Currently a sophomore at Sophia University FLA, majoring in International Business and Economics.

I also had the choice of choosing Waseda or Sophia, and ended up here due to several reasons ranging from scholarships, number of students, personal preference regarding course content, reputation, location, extracurricular activities and such. So far, I don't regret coming here. That said, I haven't experienced life as a student over at Waseda SILS, and I think I won't regret going there either.

University is what you make it to be is what I'm trying to say. There are tons of opportunities here, even more so if you can speak Japanese and are willing to actively join clubs and make connections with students from other faculties. The same could probably be said of Waseda. From what I've heard, the classes are the same too, some are good, some are bad. You just need to find out which professors and classes are the better ones (better could mean easy or challenging depending on the student).

My suggestion would be to visit both campus and experience a class or two if possible. Whichever choice you make, just put in the effort to make the most of it the way you like it. Of course, if you start hating, then a transfer isn't that uncommon. Feel free to ask any more specific questions.
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Re: Which uni should I go to? (Sophia or Waseda) 2018/10/17 11:35
Hi! Sorry for the late reply but thanks for answering. Just curious, what was your SAT score when you applied to Sophia?
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Re: Which uni should I go to? (Sophia or Waseda) 2018/10/18 18:12
Took the new SAT and got 1510, but I know people who got less than 1400 so SAT isn't everything. Just try your best.
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