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Toyota Kaikan bags and lockers 2018/7/23 04:26
We will visit Toyota Kaikan - We will check out our hotel and go to Shinjuku after the tour
We have 2 small school bags
Is there any locker in the museum? Can we take the school bags and leave in the bus touring the plant?

If not are there any lockers in MIKAWATOYOTA station?
by 2ndtime japan (guest)  

Re: Toyota Kaikan bags and lockers 2018/8/10 16:00
We visited Toyota Kaikan the museum and factory and just to inform
We arrived earlier to the museum so we had time to explore the museum and some hands on activities suitable for children .
Just to mention its not complicated walking to Toyota Kaikan but we found a TAXI cause it was a very hot day. They called us a taxi back to the station cause we had to catch another train
As we entered the facility they asked us if we want to store our small backpacks ( so to my question ... they have a storage place in the museum) also some small lockers for phones and small cameras ( which are not allowed in the factory)
Interesting visit !!
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