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Japanese computer games 2018/7/27 02:13
Hello! I just recently got back from my vacation in Japan and i brought home some japanese computer games. However, there is a problem. While one of the games was completely fine and I was able to install it without any problems, the other game did not want to install. I saw a previous post about DS games and them being region locked, the game I bought was did infact have the ''japan sales only'' label on it. I am simply wondering if I can install the game in some way. I was thinking that a region-free DVD player might work but I do not want to get one only to realize that it still does not work.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Japanese computer games 2018/7/27 19:37
You might have better luck if you ask this question on videogame-related forums. You'll have more people who know about this sort of thing there than here.
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Re: Japanese computer games 2018/7/27 21:37
You may need to change your computer's settings to be Japanese Locale and make sure you have Japanese fonts and keyboard enabled. You can do this while still keeping all text in English, though some characters will be switched out (like it substituting the symbol for Yen for another character).

I don't recall the steps to do so off the top of my head, but I have done this with my home computer and have had no problem installing Japanese games on it since. If you Google "windows Japanese locale" you should find some information on how to change your Locale. There should even be some specific examples geared toward gaming.
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Re: Japanese computer games 2018/7/30 02:20
Thank you for the answers!
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