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Gunkanjima English tour 2018/7/30 06:53
I was thinking of going to Nagasaki and am interested in Gunkanjima. The guide says there are no english tours available - is this still true?

And if so, has anyone been on the tour in Japanese? Is it worth going without understanding the guides or does it lose the value of the tour?
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Re: Gunkanjima English tour 2018/7/30 08:36
I am pretty sure you can read enough info online about the history of Hashima to make up for the language barrier. If youfre interested in taking photos, itfs a good opportunity to get close to the south part of the island, the one with the least amount of buildings. Most of the area is off limits, though Ifve seen people fishing from the restricted area from the tour boat to the island I took in 2015. Is it worth the visit? It was interesting to see and be there. Do you get to see much of the island? No, you are restricted to the very southern section. I still enjoyed it.
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Re: Gunkanjima English tour 2018/7/30 20:34
I can't speak for other tour companies, but the one I booked three years ago provided pre-recorded English audio guides for non-Japanese speakers. I do know a little Japanese and the live commentary from the tour guides did contain a lot of extra material that wasn't on the recording, but not to the point that I felt grossly disadvantaged.

On the whole, yes - I thought the experience was well worth the time and effort. Pictures and commentary here, to give you some idea of what to expect:

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Re: Gunkanjima English tour 2018/7/30 21:34
Diego, that was two days before I went. I was in Kagoshima on your date. I went to Nagasaki on March 28, 2015. The weather was exactly the same. My photos have the same blue sky!
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