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Where to buy samue dresses in autumn? 2018/7/31 16:48
We intend to travel to Japan in November again. Does anybody know where to buy samue (얱) and jinbei (r) in the Osaka/Kyoto region? I remember that it was difficult to find a shop offering yukata in autumn, because it is a summer dress (just as samue and jinbei). In particular I am looking for samue made from denim style fabric (I have once seen it on tv...).
Alternatively, are there reliable online resources that deliver abroad?
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Re: Where to buy samue dresses in autumn? 2018/8/1 02:51
Japan Amazon offers [a] English language service, and [b] delivery to some konbini (convenience) store.
I just did a search of 얱, and there were lots of hits.
So one option is to find a convenience store near your accommodation and deliver the goods there (making sure that delivery happens while you are there or just before).
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Re: Where to buy samue dresses in autumn? 2018/8/1 15:08
Thank you kaimon, this is certainly a possibility but I was looking for a store where I could try it on first. I am not sure if the Japanese sizes match our sizes and therefore it is very difficult to choose the right ones. Are samue dresses still available in autumn? Any suggestions for suitable (and not too expensive) stores in the Osaka/Kyoto region?
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