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Japanese TV team in Sweden 2018/8/1 06:41
Was visiting the local beach in Rättvik in the central parts of Sweden during the famous Classic Car Week festival when a group of Japanese people entered the beach with TV camera, microphone and a female host. The female entered the water complaining it was rather cold, and the staff followed her.

Could not figure from what TV channel or wherever they originate from.

I am mostly curious where this would appear as I might have been recored myself, not saying anything but sitting relaxying by the water.

Maybe it is too early on to find out or maybe impossible after all?
by Roi roi (guest)  

Re: Japanese TV team in Sweden 2018/8/2 14:19
Which date did you see them?

Really Japanese?
Did you listen something exact Japanese phrases or words?

Classic car festival?
What title?

No photo and any other worthful info?
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Re: Japanese TV team in Sweden 2018/8/2 19:59
It's called Classic Car Week, held several days during this time of the year.

The team appeared on Tuesday (31st July) afternoon. I recorded (audio) the team as they chatted but it is hard to make out anything other than the host saying it was cold, etc, and the sea was beautiful.
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Re: Japanese TV team in Sweden 2018/8/2 21:27
It could be anything from a filler spot on a morning news show to part of a travel series on any channel. It will be nearly impossible to figure out unless you saw some identifying logo on the camera or on their persons.
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