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Anyone found our stick from Mount Fuji? 2018/8/9 23:17
Dear people of Japan,

we lost our walking stick (red ribbon with bells) from 'Mt. Fuji' on wednesday 25/07/2018 from Nara to Koyasan.
We traveled by train from 'Kintetsu-Nara' station with the Nara Line to Namba Station, to continue with the Nankai-Koya Line to Gokurakubashi Station'.
During this route we have lost our walking stick either at a vending machine our in the train.
If whenever or wherever someone should find this stick without an owner.
It could be ours.

We loved our time in Japan. A fantastic country with lots to offer. Hoping to see our walking stick someday.

If not... wel have to climb the epic Fuji San.

With kind regards.
by Greg (guest)  

Re: Anyone found our stick from Mount Fuji? 2018/8/10 17:01
If you are still in Japan, go to the nearby police station (than police box "koban") and check it out.
Lost items that collected at rail stations and train are transferred to police station after within a week.
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