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Ghibli museum tickets 2018/8/10 12:38
hi there I have a little problem/question
my nephew and I are going to Tokyo together and he has booked tickets for the Ghibli museum as a gift for me and him. The thing is he booked them from Lawson website and he couldn't do it 2 persons at the same time so he ended up buying separate tickets for same day and entry hour but with his passport and name in both. Will I be able to get in with one of the tickets? (Also, he is 14 years old) thanks
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Re: Ghibli museum tickets 2018/8/10 18:26
Names need to match.
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Re: Ghibli museum tickets 2018/8/11 02:30
I am surprised that he could not buy two tickets at a time. I used Lawson Entertainment as well to buy tickets for July and there was an option. When I went you needed the passport of the person who purchased the tickets, however you did not need the passport of the guest. My initial thought would be "it is fine" because he will be there with both tickets, his passport, and you could explain the situation.

However, and don't know for sure and the price of tickets are different for someone between 13 and 18 years old and over 19 years old. Did he buy the correct age group ticket?

Either way since you have the tickets purchased I think you should go. Worst case you don't get in but he does. In that case you can walk the park or go to the zoo near by or something while he visits. Best case, you get in with no problems.
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