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Tokyo itinerary help 2018/8/10 14:23
Hello everybody, my partner and I will be going to Japan next month and we are still quite unsure of some stuff. Would appreciate if you guys can help. So, our trip will be 20-23rd aug in Tokyo, 23-24th aug in hakone, 24-26th aug in Tokyo, and we will be getting the NEX Tokyo round trip ticket.

Itinerary is as follow:

20th - touch down in Narita airport at about 1430, and make our way to Hotel Sunroute Higashi-Shinjuku via NEX. Thinking if we should go to roppongi or just stay around the hotel (probably go to shin-okubo korea town) after checking in.

21st - Meiji shrine, harajuku, Shinbuya, and Shinjuku.

22nd - we will be watching a sumo match at Arena Tachikawa Tachihi (nearest station is Tachihi Station). [Any idea how and what is the cheapest and easiest way to go from our hotel because we have no single clue at all. HELP!] After that, we will be going to Ikebukuro.

23rd - make our way to hakone and staying overnight.

24th - make our way back to Tokyo probably after lunch in hakone. Will be checking in at Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo-Otemachi before going to Akihabara.

25th - Ginza, tsukiji fish market, odaiba, Azabu Juban Noryo Festival

26th - check out of the hotel, make our way to Tokyo Station before going to Narita airport at 1330 via NEX.

Is the itinerary okae? Would it be advisable if we get the Tokyo subway ticket as well since some places is walkable? (We don't mind walking if it's less than 1.5km! haha) Hopefully somebody can help. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Tokyo itinerary help 2018/8/10 18:31
Itinerary is fine. Get a IC card for your train and subway travels are Tokyo.

Get Hakone Free pass for you Hakone days.
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Re: Tokyo itinerary help 2018/8/10 20:13
Looks like you planned your trip well. Just get Pasmo or Suica so you don't need to get tickets every time you get on a train.
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Re: Tokyo itinerary help 2018/8/10 21:06
Hello hakata14 and Andrea! Thank you for replying. As both of you said we should get a IC card, does it mean we shouldn't get the Tokyo subway pass (48 hours and 72 hours) for those days that we will be in tokyo?
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Re: Tokyo itinerary help 2018/8/10 23:42
I am not sure if we are on the same page about the pass, but from what i know subway pass is insufficient to travel around Tokyo. Chances of taking a JR train is pretty high and the pass would not cover them.
Safest bet would be to get IC cards (pasmo/ suica)
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Re: Tokyo itinerary help 2018/8/11 00:47
The advantage of buying an IC card is that it'll work for all trains and transfer within Tokyo. The disadvantage is that you'll have no savings, except for a few yen here and there, on any train. The advantage of the subway pass is that you can ride all you want. The disadvantage is that you are limited to the subway and must pay for transfers that require use of the IC card. If you think you can go to all your places with just the subway pass, then get just that. But I feel you'll have to supplement that with an IC card for the JR trains within Tokyo.
I've been to Tokyo 11 times on 11 separate trips and have only used an IC card if I didn't have a valid JR pass at the time. I have never used a subway pass, since I know it will not pay off for me and I'm not concerned about the fare cost when I'm on vacation. That would be tantamount to penny-pinching for me and I don't do that while on vacation. That isn't to say I don't plan ahead, but I'm not concerned about little things like 300-400 yen/day on trains in Tokyo. I carry my ICOCA from 2013 and just use that.
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Re: Tokyo itinerary help 2018/8/11 04:21
All places you mentioned in Tokyo (except Odaiba and Tachihi) are served either directly or within walking distance of a subway station. So you can use subway passes, but you still need to supplement it with either an IC card or buying individual ticket. Buying tickets at vending machine is not difficult, but some people deem it hassle. If you buy an IC card, you may end up with unused balance if you do not return it for refund (less fee).

I have used subway passes on all my trips to Tokyo and I think it's a good value. At the end of your trip you can keep the pass as a souvenir (if you buy individual tickets you don't get to keep it). The thing about subway though is sometimes the entrance to a station is not very obvious, unlike a surface train station. Some smaller subway station entrances look like the first floor of an office building, so you have to look for a sign indicating it is a subway station entrance.

To reach Tachihi, take a west-bound JR Chuo Line train (which serves Shinjuku, Tokyo, and lots of other stations) to Tachikawa, then transfer onto a monorail. It takes about 45 minutes from Shinjuku.

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Re: Tokyo itinerary help 2018/8/14 13:44
Hello everybody!

Thank you for your suggestions! We have decided to buy the pasmo/suica card for our trip. Thank you!
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