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From Kyoto station to Harumi cruise port 2018/8/14 07:54
Please advise how to travel from Kyoto Train Station to Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal. Thank you.
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Re: From Kyoto station to Harumi cruise port 2018/8/14 12:46

Take a shinkansen from Kyoto Station to Tokyo Station. Exit Tokyo Station on the Marounochi South side and look for the bus stop for Toei Bus #05. Take that until Harumi Terminal.

Assuming you take the Nozomi shinkansen it will cost you ~14,110 yen for a reserved seat during high season (right now) and will take 134-141 minutes. You then will depending on your suitcases and sense of direction spend 5-15 minutes exiting Tokyo Station before waiting for the bus. The bus will take around 40-45 minutes (It's 30 from Ginza 4-chome but you will be getting on the first stop, so the trip will be longer.) The bus should be 210 yen.

I have no idea what this bus is like but I tend to not want to do any bus in Japan outside airport limo buses and highway buses with suitcases. I guess if you have anything larger than a carry-on size bag, you can also just pay for a taxi from Tokyo Station. The taxi trip will be ~5.5 kms and take about 20 minutes depending on traffic. You can get a little closer to the terminal by transferring to the Keiyo line within Tokyo Station and taking that to Etchuujima Station, but you're still looking at 3.5 kms and needing a cab and the transfer to the Keiyo line involves a lot of walking and escalators.

You could also look into flying from Itami to Haneda and then taking a direct bus to the terminal from Haneda. But I am not sure if that saves you any time, though it might be cheaper.

Good luck!
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Re: From Kyoto station to Harumi cruise port 2018/8/14 22:51
Thank you very much for your assistance rkold.
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