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Explore Hakone by car 2018/8/14 16:33
I will be renting a car at Hakone-Yumoto Railway Station and will be staying in Hakone for 2 nights in November.

Any suggestions on how to explore Hakone by car?
Should I follow the Hakone round trip itinerary?
Also, is parking in Hakone easily available?

The key highlights that I really want to visit are:
Owakudani - can we still go up and experience the volcano and eat black eggs?
Lake Ashi and take pirate ship - is the ship round trip? Because we will drive and park our car to take ship.
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Re: Explore Hakone by car 2018/8/14 17:39
Car parking everywhere.

I considering the things you wanna do. I fail to see why you need to do it by car.
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Re: Explore Hakone by car 2018/8/14 20:06
Hi, as my ryokan is out of the way and my travelling group is large and consist of babies, thus we are renting a car. If I am staying near any stops or if I am not travelling with babies, I would have taken the Hakone Pass without second thought.
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Re: Explore Hakone by car 2018/8/15 11:20
Yes, most areas have some parking, but a car is still a bit of a pain if you are doing things like the Lake Asahi boat and ropeway (because you have to back-track.)

How obscure a location is your ryokan?
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