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Planning 3 Days Norikura and Kiso 2018/8/16 19:18

i need help planning 3 days in Norikura and Kiso Valley.

i want to see/do:

Kiso Valley Magome-Tsumago Trail
Norikura (Zengoronotaki, Ushidome Pond, Dojoike Pond, Sanbondaki, Highland, Mt. Norikura)

I can arrive the first day at around 8-9 AM from Shinjuku.

Where to stay in Norikura Area? i look for a ryokan with beautiful out door baths.


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Re: your itinerary 2018/8/18 01:06
Just to make sure: you will travel in August 2019 (next year), right?

You have created many threads for (roughly) the same part of your itinerary, giving slightly different information.
It sounds better to set up a new thread to show all what you plan now, covering basic conditions (such as dates), and ask for comments.

You would like to visit also Kusatsu Onsen from Tokyo.
I wonder where you plan to go after Kiso Valley and Norikura.

On the supposition that you travel for Hokuriku (e.g. to Kanazawa City),
I suggest you make a round trip to Kusatsu Onsen, then go from Tokyo to Kiso Valley, via Matsumoto Station to Norikura, and via Nagano Station for Hokuriku.

Norikura is accessible via Matsumoto.
You are thinking of staying at Shirahone Onsen (Awanoyu).
Buses do not depart in the early morning from Awanoyu.
So, starting from Awanoyu, you may not have much time for Kiso Vally in the same day.

It sounds very time-consuming to travel from Kusatsu Onsen to Matsumoto or further to Norikura.
You plan to visit many places in Norikura,
so it would be better to reach Matsumoto in the early morning or in the previous night.

Leaving Kiso Valley in the evening,
though buses are not frequently available between Tsumago or Magome and the nearby JR station,
you still can reach Matsumoto before the midnight.
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Re: Need help planning 3 Days Norikura and Kiso 2018/8/27 17:10
thanks for the suggestions.

i would like to go from tokyo to matsumoto and from there to kiso valley and norikura.
i donLt know if i stay ar awanoyu onsen or somewhere else.
can you recommend any onsen with beautiful outdoor and indoor baths near norikura highland?
maybe that is better and we have more time at norikura and kiso valley.

after that i will go to osaka.
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Re: Need help planning 3 Days Norikura and Kiso 2018/8/29 14:21
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