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Ghibli A4 ring-bound folder 2018/8/17 05:27
Hi everyone
Ifm trying to get a birthday present for our daughter, and would really value your help.
Shefs a great girl, and when you ask her what she wants for a present she generally never comes up with any ideas that are expensive or outrageous, which only makes us more keen to try and get her the little things she does ask for.
The only thing shefs asked for this year is an A4 folder to keep her loose sheet music for her guitar. If possible she would love something Ghibli-themed.
Wefre in the UK, and Ifve done some internet searches here but canft find anything. We could import from Japan if thatfs the only option, but I have no idea where to look.
If anyone can help make a (soon to be) 9 year old happy, we would be very grateful.
Thanks a lot...
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Re: Ghibli A4 ring-bound folder 2018/8/17 16:35
Search for "clear files" and you'll find tons.
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Re: Ghibli A4 ring-bound folder 2018/8/17 19:26
Thanks, but I think I'm looking for something different to what you're suggesting.

I'm looking for a ring-binder file like this https://tinyurl.com/ybs88egm
- rather than a soft wallet like this, https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Studio-Ghibli-My-Neighbor-Totoro-A4-Clear-Fil... - which I think is what you're referring to.

With a ring-binder file she can keep all her music in it, and open it up to whatever piece she wants to play.
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Re: Ghibli A4 ring-bound folder 2018/8/17 22:13

Yeah, in general the Japanese seem to go for clear files vs. 3 ring binders. I don't think I've ever actually seen a binder with any decorations in Japan. I'm not sure they actually use them for school vs. you see clear files everywhere and of every sort of design.

Have you thought about buying a black binder and turning it into a Ghibli one for your daughter? I've seen card collectors make their own card binders with designs that can not be regularly purchased. If you're not as craftsy yourselves, I would try etsy. It's possible one of the Chinese websites would have knock-off ones as well, but I am pretty sure there are no official ones. We went to two Totoro Stores and the Ghibli Museum in June/July.

Good luck!
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Re: Ghibli A4 ring-bound folder 2018/8/18 00:21
I agree with rkold. If you check the Etsy and other similar websites, there are many many Studio Ghibli sticker packs, which she could use to decorate her own plain binders any way she pleases, or you could do it for her before you give her the gift. This is the preferred method that Canadian high-school and university students use to personalize their laptops (:->).
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Re: Ghibli A4 ring-bound folder 2018/8/18 00:22
Hi rkold - hope you're well.

My experience so far backs up yours. Can't find any 2 or 3 ring binders with any sort of Japanese characters on them, let alone Ghibli.

There's plenty of choice if you want Snoopy, Marvel, DC, etc, but nothing Japanese. Maybe I'm searching for something that doesn't exist...

I'd had the idea about customising a plain file myself, and it might come to that if I don't get anywhere in the next week or so.
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Re: Ghibli A4 ring-bound folder 2018/8/18 07:24
Yeah ring binders are near non existent in Japan for themed versions.

Plenty of the clear envelope style ones.

The idea to make you own is the best bet.
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Re: Ghibli A4 ring-bound folder 2018/8/18 08:30
Hi Winter Visitor,

We're good, managed to just miss the earthquake in Osaka in June and the flooding in Western Japan in July, though the amount of rain we did get in Kamikochi was overwhelming. We really should have seen if it was possible to cancel the night before and just spend more time in Matsumoto or Nagano.

Rather than stickers, I might see if you could find a nice picture or graphic design on line and decoupage it onto the outside of the binder. I collect Disney's (mostly free) Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom cards and people have made some gorgeous binders. If you like I can ask about on the FB group to see how. I am sure the people doing it are gifted in PhotoShop as well. The binders at least in pictures look professional but I also am 100% sure none of them are official. Heck, I made myself a pretty awesome looking HISHE beer stein for the Darkside 1/2. I have just decorated binders with stickers too, and it could be a fun project for your daughter, it sort of depends on the look you want.

What instrument is she, we just started violin.

But yeah, I am not sure why the Japanese don't do binders. I suspect the binders you are seeing are geared towards the US maybe, though my daughter hasn't had to use a binder for school yet. Right now they're big on pocket folders.

I really hope it all works out. :/
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Re: Ghibli A4 ring-bound folder 2018/8/20 19:28
Thanks for the suggestions, and sorry about all the rain on your trip ;0(

Looks like it's time to go sticker-crazy!!!!! She's learning the guitar, and fancies herself as a rock chick, so it won't matter at all if my efforts are a bit messy....I'll just tell her that it's the trendy grungy rock n roll look ;0)
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