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3 days in Kansai in mid-September 2018/8/18 21:33
Hello everyone!

I am going to study abroad to Japan in September. Since I arrive some days before my university check-in date, I have booked a hotel in Namba, Osaka. Therefore, I will have 3 full days (22, 23 and 24) to visit the area of Kansai and I am not sure of what to visit.

I have already visited almost everything in Kyoto and Nara, so I have already discarded these places. My idea was to visit Osaka city for 1 day, and have a 1-day-trip to Himeji and Kobe.

Do you have any recommendations for the third day? Should I maybe spend more time in Osaka, Himeji or Kobe? Are there any festivals or other interesting event during these days?

Thank you in advance!!

P.S: I plan to re-visit this area when I have vacations, so I will have much more time to visit it properly. Thus, I doesn't really matter if I miss any indispensable place, for these days I am more interested in being entertained
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Re: 3 days in Kansai in mid-September 2018/8/19 11:38
Assuming your school is in Osaka area, I would go outside of Osaka for the "last vacation" before school starts. Once your school starts, I'm sure you will still have time to explore Osaka. So go someplace you always wanted to go but haven't had a time to go yet. Miyajima, Ise, Hakata? It's up to you.
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Re: 3 days in Kansai in mid-September 2018/9/9 23:58
Thank you! But, actually, my school is in Chubu, so I won't go to Osaka very often.

My provisional plan is this one:
- 1 day in Osaka city
- 1 day Himeji+Kobe
- 1 day Uji+Nara (since I have already been to Nara twice I would only stop to pet the deers for a while)

Do you think that this plan is alright? Do you suggest any change?
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