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Bicycle on train 2018/8/20 05:03
Hi. I have another question and this time is about transport of a bicycle by train.
Now, I know about the rinko bag stuff and it is very unpleasant with a fully loaded touring bike.
Is there another way to transport the bike on the train (JR tokaido line between Fuji and Toyohashi) without dismantling it?
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Re: Bicycle on train 2018/8/20 08:31
Short answer: no

A bicycle on a train must always be in a bag.

The alternative is to ship it with someone like Yamato Kuroneko. Youfd still need to put it into some kind of bag, but in the train you have only your baggage your bicycle travels separately from you and you pick it up at your destination.

As it seems youfll be cycling around Japan here a link to my blog from my gadventure g last year, in case you find some useful information:


Enjoy your trip through Japan!
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Re: Bicycle on train 2018/8/20 09:42
You should do hitchhiking.
Truck or one box(larger mini-van) car are best, "National Route No.1" is so.

It would be better to negotiate at convenience stores, gas stations, road side stations
or ramen or similar restaurants where with a lot of larger car slots.

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Re: Bicycle on train 2018/8/20 11:45
I'm no expert on this subject, so correct me if I'm wrong.
"In a bag" does not mean disassembled necessarily.
I have seen a foreign tourist with bicycle (fully assembled) in a bag on a train.
And the bag looked very thin and flimsy (probably weighed next to nothing, and you can probably roll it up and put it in your pocket), but it was a bag. I did not see him get questioned by any train staff.
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