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Quit language school (Student to Work Visa) 2018/8/20 21:46

I am currently a language student in Tokyo. My program is good for 1 year and 3 months. I'm in the 2nd month of my Language studies but I applied for full-time employment. I passed the interviews and I now have a job offer and will need to quit my school. The employer will sponsor my work visa. My question is, once we submit the documents needed for the change of status to a working visa, do I need to inform my school immediately? Or should I only tell them right after I receive my working visa?

Hoping to get your inputs on this.


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Re: Quit language school (Student to Work Visa) 2018/9/3 10:35

Congrats on your new job!
Well once you submit all the papers at the immigration they will ask you to provide your attandence rates and an another paper ( I forgot what it was sorry) that your school will provide so you will have to talk to them in any case.
Then once you get you work visa you will need to show it to them ( in person or a picture by mail) to prove you are no longer a student (they will stop reporting your absence to the immigration for example).
Hope it helps !!!
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Re: Quit language school (Student to Work Visa) 2018/9/3 11:31
Hi thanks for your reply.

I have been attending language school since the first week of July of this year. I had 2 absents (valid reasons and called up school) and 2 lates ever since. My attendance rate from day one until today is at 93 percent.

Do you have an idea how immigration determines what is considered a good attendance rate?
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Re: Quit language school (Student to Work Visa) 2018/9/4 08:09
Attendance does not matter in this case as you clearly found a job. Why would the immigration want to know about your school attendance anyway.
If I were you, I would simply go to the immigration and ask what to do.
You were a student. Now you found a job, how to switch visa types?
Maybe the best thing to do is asking an immigration lawyer for help. I heard changing visa types can be a pain in the ass sometimes. I donft know how long the process takes to change from student to working visa type..,
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Re: Quit language school (Student to Work Visa) 2018/9/8 02:06
Hi thanks for sharing your input. As someone with student visa, I think they will check my attendance in school to check if I'm performing the activity as intended by my current visa. If I have a low attendance rate, it might affect my change of status residence. I've been hearing 80% attendance rate is the minimum. I already applied to change my student visa to work visa so I'm now playing the waiting game. I hope all goes well.
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Re: Quit language school (Student to Work Visa) 2019/1/19 01:10

I am on the same situation. I have been studying since October 2017. I am suppose to graduate on March 2019 but luckily I found a company this month (January 2019) that will sponsor me to change in working visa. I want to quit school already.

I would like to know what happened in your application. And when did you informed your school about your application.
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