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how to play kancolle arcade? 2018/8/30 13:44
I was quite interested in this arcade game back when I visit Japan last time, but back then I didn't fully understand the game well, I want to try constructing some ships which I failed to do because I didn't understand the mechanism of the game, I also want to know any other tips so that I can play them well next time I visit Japan.
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Re: how to play kancolle arcade? 2018/8/31 05:42
Use Google translate, this is official guide for beginers.

This is Un-official guide for beginers by one of teitoku(gamer).
Use automatic translation subtitles, select English.

This is game's wiki.
This is for newbie(noob) teitoku guide.
Google translate mistakenly translates "V(shin-mai)" as "New American", "Newbie/Noob" is.
V means "new", but this (mai/kome) means "rice" = new rice = Newbie/Noob.
also means and using as "America(USA)", short of č(bei-koku), (kuni) is country as National.
So Google translate often funny results out :)
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Re: how to play kancolle arcade? 2018/8/31 13:31
thank you very much for your help!! I will read every link you posted, thanks a lot!!
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