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Tokyo - Sapporo winter, transport? 2018/8/31 21:51
Hi there,
I am planning on my visit to Sapporo in mid-late winter 2019 and trying to figure which transport would be most reliable up there.

I have travelled by train as well as flight there but that was during summer months.

I expect it to be quite a lot of snow so I was thinking of possible delays / cancellations.

So, what would be the most reliable way?
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Re: Tokyo - Sapporo winter, transport? 2018/9/1 17:02
It's one of the busiest flight paths in the world, just fly. The train takes so long, even if the flight is delayed it probably won't be THAT long.
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Re: Tokyo - Sapporo winter, transport? 2018/9/1 18:11
Thank you for your reply. I only herad Tokyo - Fukuoka is the busiest line, did not know Tokyo - Sappor was that busy as well.

I think I read something about severe snowstorms affecting transport around Sapporo this or last year. Since Sapporo will be my last visit before returning to home a few days later I dont want to be stuck up there.
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