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STD Test in Tokyo? 2018/9/1 00:51
Where to have STD test in Tokyo?
-how long does it take to get the result?
-how much does it cost?
-I don’t want to inform any member of the family unless the result is positive, is there any chance that they may inform the family without my consent?
Thank you.

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Re: STD Test in Tokyo? 2018/9/1 13:20

Free test takes 1-2 weeks,
paid test start from 8000yen … depend on what type of test, from 30mins to few days.
All test are anonymous, not cover by Health Insurance.

This will tell you how and where to get tested.

List of clinic that offer test.

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Re: STD Test in Tokyo? 2018/9/1 19:40
Be careful not to get tested too close to home, since nurses do talk, even though they shouldn`t. My neighbour was found out - his wife is a beautician in a town with a medical industry.
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