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famiresu 2018/9/1 01:09
what kind of restaurant is famiresu? what kind of food do they sell? what is the average cost for one person? any recommendation of a good famiresu in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, or Sapporo?
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Re: famiresu 2018/9/1 10:32
Famiresu is short for family restaurant.

As the name suggests, they are family oriented restaurant. Most are either non-smoking or have non-smoking section.

There are all kinds, economical to fancy. Below are just few:
Royal Host
My favorite (there are not too many branches): Yayoi-ken

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Re: famiresu 2018/9/1 12:17
It's a family restaurant, which has a large variety of food such as American, Italian, and common Japanese food. Its western food are seasoned to match Japanese taste. It's inexpensive but not very cheap. Your stomach could be filled up with 1,000 yen.
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Re: famiresu 2018/9/1 19:16
These are one of, written in English, but Japanese pages full listed.
Also you can search at Google Maps in Englush like below.

Because high school students etc entering during daytime and holidays well,
so you can eat less than 1000Y, but if there is 1,500Y, you can choose more various menus.

You can find a lot of foreign travelers vids on YouTube.
This is crazy challenges by Japanese YouTubers, full menu order and more.
In the list of vids and English, "Kaiten-zushi(sushi)" is introduced as a part of famiresu,
but it is quite different as a Japanese feeling, Kaiten-zushi is convenient sushi restaurant,
it is the same in the sense that it is comfortable to enter with family or friends.
Famiresu food has also Japanese food(called "Wa-shoku"),
but basically it is Western style foods based mainly, also you can drink alcohol, but it is not main.
People who want to drink go to "izakaya (restaurant)".

This is Google and twitter image search, their menu.

Nonn Bay suggested "non-smoking" or "smoking" section is one of good point.
Non-smoking is "kin-en(։)" in Japanese, you will asked when entering table/seat selection.
In Famiresu are no booking , but izakaya is oppsite, said "booked already?" case a lot.
BC there are many fresh raw foods(fishes and more) are using than Famiresu,
so they do not assume that a large number of customers will suddenly come,
means capacity of refrigerator and amout of foods stocks do not change after open.

If possible, watch the famous TV-Anime "Working!!" series and "Blend-S", both are comedy very very fun.
"Wagnaria" is a fictional famiresu name, inspired somewhere in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
Blend-S is not shown the location, maybe somewhere in Tokyo.

And one famiresu in Akihabara Tokyo, often provide special collaboration menu of TV-Animes and more.
"Special Cafe" are in Animate(biggest Anime item shops, not a restaurant) cases a lot.

BTW, anything you can not eat with allergies or religious problems in the previous Japan travels?
We know Indonesian are not only Muslims, though.

This is extra info :)

You should call "sento-ryoshoku(퓬ƐH) = ration" while next Japan travel as Teitoku.
In Japan the ration often called "Miri-meshi(~V = military troops/foods)" in recent years.
You can purchase it at public fes and shows of JSDF(Jiei-tai) or their bases souvenir shop.
This is latest event callender of "JSMDF", so means present real Kan-kore.
You may purchase "Yokosuka Kaigun Curry" as own souvenir.

JGSDF : Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
JMSDF : Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
JASDF : Japan Air Self-Defense Force
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