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studio ghibli music box 2018/9/1 13:01
I will be going to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka this month and I read before that somewhere near the Togetsukyo bridge in Kyoto, they sell Studio Ghibli music boxes but I cant seem to find that article again. Does anyone have an idea where they sell them? Would they be sold in the music box museum? Or if anyone knows where they sell them anywhere else in Tokyo and Osaka as well, please let me know!
Has anyone seen them be sold at the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo? Thank you
by surjl (guest)  

Re: studio ghibli music box 2018/9/1 16:25
That's probably Kyoto Arashiyama music box museum (京都嵐山オルゴール博物館), but I'm not a Kyoto resident. I merely did a google search. I just clicked your question because of Ghibli, which I'm a big fan of. I don't remember the Ghibli museum sells music boxes, if it sells it would probably costs a far bit. You can find somewhere else in cities but I can't list where exactly. I found many cute Ghibli music boxs on Japanse Amazon though, I hope it helps somehow.
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