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How to change OCN sim card? 2018/9/3 16:50
I want to change my phone and I wanna know how can I change the OCN mobile sim card from micro to nano?
thank you so much
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Re: How to change OCN sim card? 2018/9/4 16:25
Shops on the back streets of Akihabara sell the Noosy Cutter. It can cut a standard SIM into a micro, and a micro into a nano. You might find a cell phone repair shop that will cut your SIM for you. The cutter comes with a set of holders/carriers that let you use your SIM to the next larger size. Cutting a standard SIM to a nano is a two step process; regular to micro, then micro to nano.
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Re: How to change OCN sim card? 2018/9/13 08:34
or call OCN (English support available) and they will send you
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